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Mobiscope is proud to offer its cloud services to the following IP camera manufacturers

Founded in 2006, ZAVIO has been one of the earlier surveillance companies focusing purely on IP. Zavio’s IP cameras are cost-effective and deliver superior video image quality along with durable performance.

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Partizan offers a wide range of IP network video equipment and their products are best known for being tailored to the climate of each particular region and to the peculiarities of installing, such as cold regions like Russia as well as humid and hot tropical regions like Kenya.

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Axis is one of the most recognizable brands on IP surveillance market and driving force behind the shift from analog to digital video surveillance, also known for its educational services.

Foscam IP cameras are part of a generation of advanced high quality remote monitoring IP network cameras which are bridging the gap between powerful capabilities, ease of use and affordability.

D-Link offers a variety of IP cameras for use in business environments ranging from shops and offices to warehouses and more challenging environments for both indoor and outdoor usage.

TENVIS is committed to making security life more accessible and affordable with a full range of network security products, which covers MJPEG and H.264 cameras with good reputation for their high cost efficiency.

Established by a group of CCTV experts and the videoconference team of Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC) origin in 2005, Alinking aims to provide reliable IP video surveillance cameras at a competitive price.

With over 24 years of company’s experience in the networking industry, Edimax IP cameras for home and business are distinguished by value, performance, and excellent support.

Other supported manufactures:

Brickom IP camera manufacturer

Haven’t found your IP camera manufacturer on the list? Please check your model specifications. If they say your camera supports RTSP protocol and uses H.264, ASF, MPEG2 or MPEG4 video codec, it’s most likely compatible with Mobiscope. Older FTP upload-based cameras will also work, however at a relatively low frames-per-second ratio.

Not sure how to check model specifications? Ask us, we’d be happy to help.